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Sugar and Spice and a Whole Lotta Fight: That’s What Katelyn B Is Made Of

 [All photos courtesy USA Judo unless otherwise noted.  Face plant courtesy Katelyn.]   


Forgive me if I may seem a little…bragadocious…today.  I think you’ll understand.     

It’s just that my 16-year-old cousin Katelyn returned from Singapore this week.  What was she doing there, you ask?     

Oh…winning Youth Olympic gold medals.  Making history.  That’s all.     

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Hakuna Matata: Aint No Passing Craze

The Moose and the Goose. Footloose.


Here’s a question that has been on everybody’s mind lately:  Are we human, or are we dancers?          

To settle the debate once and for all, I will definitively answer the question with a question.  Continue reading