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You Are Not Being Dissed: What I Want You to Know about Blog Commenting

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Until Saturday, only my husband, my sister, and Swistle knew I had a blog.  I wanted to share it with all of my friends and family, but I was apprehensive.  I felt so…exposed.  So naked in front of the crowd. 

Naked in front of the crowd lyrics

But Saturday, I woke up with a twinkle in my toe and a pep in my step.  So I thought to myself, “Self, why not do something irreversible?”

That’s when I decided to tell my 431 closest facebook friends about MommaGooseNotes.

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Parenting Forums: What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks are they Talking about?


Once or twice, neither my doctor nor any credible website has been able to answer my baby-related questions.  (Ex:  “Why does my belly make a clicking noise?”)

So I ventured into the world of Parenting Forums, where I had no idea what the hell anybody was talking about.

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My Hyperactive Pro/Con Brain Quadrant, and Why the Benefits of Blogging Outweigh My Fears

scale cartoon 

I had an ugly sweatshirt in the 4th grade.  White, boxy, hoodless, with crooked, flourescent letters citing all the ways one could say “no” to drugs (i.e. Broken Record, Cold Shoulder, etc.), this dashing little number makes several frightful appearances in my childhood photo albums.      

I scored that puppy in an essay contest.  The topic was, “What will you do if someone offers you drugs?”  

The DARE officers liked that I said “I would weigh the pros and cons.”  

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Rules of Engagement. (Because I said so.)

Law Enforcement


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Occasionally I will end a post with “Lessons for the Diaper Bag.” This is what I mean by that.


MacGyver:  all he needed was a ball-point pen and a paper clip.


There’s nothing like a properly stocked diaper bag to make a new parent feel like MacGyver in the face of a minor emergency.

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Things You Won’t See on my Blog. Also: Things You May See.

Momma Goose cartoon

For my first post ever, allow me to provide a bit of background information about Momma Goose Notes…
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