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Today Is a Special Day, Indeed.

Growing up with my sister was very similar to what I imagine it would be like to grow up with Licensed Joyologist Helen Madden: complete with flutter kicks and declarations of “I love it, I love it, I love it!”

Erika (Reiko Von Suavee Bola Meister, for short) has been seeking beauty and sucking the marrow out of it ever since she came screeching into our lives, six weeks before her scheduled arrival, 27 years ago today.

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Four Pieces of Unsolicited Advice for New Dads. (Happy Birthmonth, Moose!)


Three hours before my husband proposed, he had me in tears.  

Sad tears.  Not happy tears. 

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Happy Birthday, Dear Punga. Happy Birthday to You.

Today is Mother’s Day.  It is also Punga’s first birthday.

Right here–today–right now is the post where I am most tempted to blabber on and on about my kid.

But I promised I would always have a point when I write.

Okay–pay attention because my point is coming up very quickly.  And it will pass quickly too. 

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