Cast of Characters

Momma Goose: 

Punga’s momma, Moose’s wife.  Feels uncomfortable describing herself. 



Adoring father, uber-supportive husband / partner / friend.  Brilliant businessman, enthusiastic food sampler.  Gentle-natured, but infuriating in a disagreement.  Handsomest man you’ll ever see in real life, unstoppable baseball and basketball player.  Second-best Rummy 500 player in our house.  The man of my dreams, only way better.



Born May 9th, 2009, via the road less travelled.  Eater of all things non-edible.  Kind-hearted, energetic, hysterical.  Strong as an ox.  Loves the great outdoors, laughing, cod puree, corduroy.  Bringer of universal joy, owner of his Momma’s heart.  Code names:  Punga Boy, Punga Joy, Punga Joe, Punga Josepe, Stinky McNoodle.


8 responses to “Cast of Characters

  1. unstoppable basketball player??? apparently [Moose] hasn’t been telling you the truth after every Sunday one on one, lol!

  2. Cod puree, really? Do tell!

  3. Kevin O'Connor

    Obviously (Moose) is providing his version of his exploits

  4. Yes, that’s my Moose!

  5. domesticlovella

    Hey, this is too cute!!!! Will visit your site regularly!

  6. hey i’m really dizzy about making a blog, i’m trying to make a blog but i dont know the procedure cause i’ave ever made web sites and i dont know any thing about making a blog page, can some one help me please??

  7. it’s good 2 drop by here as I’ve found out that Punga has the same birthday like my daughter’s. Happy birthday to him!

  8. Basketball…he has gotten a little better with age I think. Or maybe I have gotten worse…

    At any rate, great blog and I’ll be looking forward to more!

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