Raindrops on Roses and Laughter on Pungas

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This summer, I’ve made a conscientious effort to mindfully appreciate all of the beauty that is a summer rain storm.  And there’s no better way to appreciate it than to drench yourself in it.

Most recently, the gray skies came quickly, and I grabbed my boy so that he, too, could soak in this experience which is, like the rain, at once grounding and heavenly. 

Today is my favorite day.

We ran in circles with our arms spread like the wings of airplanes.  I did cartwheels around my boy, and I laughed at his laughter as he balanced himself in the grass, giddy and almost naked, except for a sagging diaper and tiny blue sandals.  Betwixt and between the cartwheels, mud oozed through my toes and fingers, tickling my skin, and Punga signed “more, more,” tickling my heart.

Today is my favorite day.

As if to applaud our decision to play in the rain, the universe threw us a frog to chase and the mosquitoes, miraculously, stayed away.  We danced in a puddle, splashing nutritious brown water on our legs.  Punga fell on his bum, his diaper soaking up puddle, yet he remained focused on the chorus of raindrops casting perfect ripples on his pool of rain water.  We threw mulch in the puddle and marveled at how it floated.

Today is my favorite day.

When the lightning came, I grabbed my boy and our shoes, and we ran inside, where the air conditioning chilled our wet skin to that level of cold that is too cold for winter but is just right for summer.  My buddy and I watched the lightning flashes through the window as our breath made fleeting circles on the glass, and he muttered wise, adorable nonsense in my ear.  It sounded like he closed with, “Thanks.” 

Today is my favorite day.

Soon the entertainment value of a nearby diaper box trumped that of the rain storm for Punga, so he turned towards new adventures.  I smiled, watching him, replaying in my mind the 45 seconds he let me cuddle him in front of the window. 

My cup of thankfulness is spilling over.  I’m thankful for my boy, thankful for the rain, thankful for everything that has come together to allow us to enjoy it.

Today is my favorite day.


Note:  I decided to do a “Today is My Favorite Day” blog category after I read this post by Kelle Hampton.


Note2:  In case you’re thinking this week’s weather was a bit cold for a naked toddler, maybe I should mention that I wrote this post a few weeks ago, after an early-August shower…I wasn’t sure if it was too corny to post.  🙂


What is your favorite rainy-day activity?



14 responses to “Raindrops on Roses and Laughter on Pungas

  1. Your beautiful words painted some beautiful pictures of your amazing day- thank you so much for sharing that! Your post reminds me of when I was little- whenever there was a sunshower Maggie and I would throw our suits on and dance outside in the rain and get muddy and dirty just like you and Punga. What a great memory, thanks for bringing it back to me! xoxo

  2. withduckandgoose

    🙂 LOVE the positivity!

    and i’m digging on your mantra!

  3. As a child, we would run outside in June’s soaking rains. Armed with a bar of Ivory soap and wearing a swimsuit, we would splash, splatter, giggle, and slither across the grass in the front yard. We were allowed back in to dry towels only if we had washed off our muddy fun first.

    Our bedroom window was missing a screen. We would lay on the bed and stick our feet outside to catch the raindrops.

    Good times…

    • Feet hanging out the window!! Love it!! (And I’m definitely bringing soap outside for the next rain storm! What a great + fun idea!!) 🙂 Thanks for checking in, Kali!

  4. our children certainly remind us to enjoy the simple pleasures all around. love this post! xoxo

  5. Your post brought tears to my eyes (yet again). Your words remind me to never take life too seriously. Don’t worry about the mess it will bring….live a little and those will be the best memories your child(ren) remember. Tyler is a bit too young to appreciate dancing in the rain, but this will surely be on our “to do” list.
    Beautiful 🙂

  6. What a wonderful post!! You always manage to find the good out of what others would deem a miserable day. To piggyback on Marissa’s comments, I feel as though we are always cleaning, disinfecting, and trying to prevent messes that we often miss out on wonderful moments! I’m not saying I enjoy wallowing in Camden’s spit up, but cartwheels in the rain and a few muddy hands sound great! Hugs and kisses to Mommagoose and Punga!

    • Well, all in due time! Nobody disinfected with more vigor than I did when Punga was an infant. 🙂 And there’s definitely enjoyment to be found in spit-up! 🙂 Hugs and kisses right back atcha, T!!! xoxox

  7. Oh did this story bring back an incredibly funny story of my youth. You have to imagine about 6 very young children (all my siblings) at the time (brother not born yet). Rained very hard for a very long time. We lived at the bottom of the hill and sometimes the road would flood and then flood our yard if it were a very heavy rain storm. This storm seemed to never end. This one day my mother was becoming frantic about the water inching closer and closer to the back door of the house. Well, this did not concern small children in the same way. We were actually excited about how deep the water was getting in the street and in our flooded yard. It was wonderful, we loved it, out in the street the water was now about just over a foot. One of my crazy sisters decided to get Dad’s row boat that sat in our yard. Our neighbors must have been laughing their heads off to see a row boat outside their window to the steet with six nutty french kids sailing along. Some of us were swimming next to the boat and thinking this is great. I can remember the innocent laughter of pure happiness from my siblings. And maybe that is why I love them all so much today…
    And to all you Mom’s out there… don’t be afraid to let your kids experience things that may not always make sense!!!
    Wonderful Memory!!!

  8. OH, Tata!!! I am so glad you shared this. I would LOVE to be able to go back in time and watch that first hand. Hysterical!!! XOXOXOX

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