You Are Not Being Dissed: What I Want You to Know about Blog Commenting

Want to know something that really brings me tidings of great joy?   Blog comments.  I love them.  As in:  LOVE THEM, love them.  I’d totally eat them for breakfast if I could.  Actually, sometimes I do. 

And I’m not just talking about the complimentary comments, either.  I’m talkin:  all of ’em.  Constructive?  Critical?  Short?  Long?  Thought-provoking?  Not?  Get in my belly.

Without comments, it gets a little lonely on this interweb, you know?  I start to wonder whether anybody’s actually reading. 

And in case you think I don’t listen, I not only VALUE your opinions, I often IMPLEMENT your ideas.  When I wrote, “Shut Up and Work Out Already,” Marissa motivated me to get back into Hot Yoga.  When I wrote, “Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect Another Stroller,” the reader who refers to herself as “Happily Hydrated” motivated me to go out and find a Step-2 Push-Around Buggy–which Punga loves!

I could go on.  

So here’s what I want you to know about WordPress comments:  they don’t work the same way as Facebook comments.  As in, you won’t receive an automatic update when I reply.  If you’re interested in seeing my response, you have to come back to see it.

I recognize that the check-back is inconvenient for you, my lovely reader, and for that, I apologize.  If I could reprogram the system, I most certainly would.  And if I could feasibly continue with my previous approach to mitigating this situation, I’d do that too. 

But I can’t do it, Johnny.  I just can’t do it.

Previously, I would reply to you on my blog, and then, just to make sure you were aware of my utter appreciation for your sentence or sentences, I would find another way to contact you too:  email, facebook, text, message in a bottle, all of the above, etc, etc. 

While I was happy to hunt down my readers, the time commitment for appreciation-sending was getting extravagant.  As it stands, I can barely make time to shower, never mind finding the time to send smoke signals.

So, if you leave me a comment and you don’t get any notification that I replied, please don’t think I’m dissing you.  Au contraire, mon ami!   Just come on back and you’ll see my response.

In the unlikely event that you return to MommaGooseLand and I actually HAVEN’T replied, please don’t be offended by that, either.  I probably read your comment, did a happy dance in appreciation, and then ran off to hurl my body between my son and the magnetic force emanating from danger around here.  And then I just plum forgot.

Or maybe I’m out flying my plane again.


Is there anything I can do to make reading this blog easier for you? 



8 responses to “You Are Not Being Dissed: What I Want You to Know about Blog Commenting

  1. I love reading your blogs…they bring me “tidings of great joy”! So, I have not commented on many of them, but I just looked back and saw one dated May 25th that I never realized that you commented on…now I know to check back when I leave a comment! As for the dissing, I would never think that 🙂 I think anyone with a little one running around knows that they will find anything and everything to get into and Momma needs to drop EVERYTHING, including current and future thoughts to keep the little one safe! Can I go out on your plane with you?

  2. Michelle Beaudreau

    Hi [Momma Goose] – just want you to know I am reading some of your blogs. I loved the one last week about Erika. The photos were great!

  3. In honor of the above ‘dansing’ kitty: I happy cuz I read dis blog!

  4. So it all happens for a reason I think. I clicked through and saw this post after a snarky comment got me hot and bothered today. Do I write back? Leave the grump be? And here you are loving all. Good and bad comments. I need some of that my way! How do I have the shitty ones not bum me out? Tell me.

  5. Dig This Chick! Email: comin atchya. 🙂

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