Creative Reproduction

"We turn used clothing into new kids through education."


I drive by one of these drop-off bins every day.  And every day, that slogan causes me to reach into the innards of my brain and ask, “What the hell are they trying to say?”  

I don’t want to talk smack about Kiducation; I’m sure they’re a bunch of great people who do nice things with clothes, education, and children.  Well, that’s my best guess, anyway.  

Consider this more of an observation.  Maybe when the person who created this sign was younger, nobody donated the clothes or children necessary to support his own education.     

This whole thing brings to mind some sage advice from the one and only George Doublya Bush:  “Rarely is the question asked, ‘Is our children learning?'”  

That’s it for today, Loyal Readers.  Yes, seriously.   

Oh!  Also:  I’m removing the “Always Informative” clause from my banner.  Being informative is overrated.   


In the spirit of consistent randomness, can anyone recommend a good bug spray that is appropriate for toddlers?  


18 responses to “Creative Reproduction

  1. This is hilarious.

  2. HA! Okay, first I was thinking it was a grammar issue and there should be a space between “in” and “to.” But that doesn’t work either. So then I googled. They sell the clothing and give the funds to schools. (Hmph! Why didn’t they just say that?) Interesting slogan there on the bins. I thought I knew where children come from and never thought it had much to do with clothing!

  3. Talk about taking slogan-writing to a whole new level. Nothing like utter confusion to make potential donors want to donate clothes (and kids?)…

  4. Dionne Baldwin

    I do not know of a good bug spray for toddlers, but this does make me wonder how they turn clothes into educational tools. By selling the items and using the money for supplies? Probably. But it makes me wonder what they *do*. I do wonder what may have started that venture…hopefully our children “is” learning. I did see a lot of kids this year without supplies and some without properly fitting clothes…

  5. I always used Neutrapel on the girls when they were smaller…I got it at BRU…

  6. While I’m at home getting a little R&R, I enjoy reading your blog posts. This one is particularly HILARIOUS! Being a teacher, I unconsciously “edit” most anything I read from billboards to FB posts to newspapers. I’ve often thought what this means as I drive by too. Could this be some variation on the biological theory of spontaneous generation of life from inanimate matter? Couldn’t be… Still, I continue to think that I may be missing something as an educator because as much as I try (and I do try) I cannot create “new kids” from clothing by means of education.

  7. Have you tried California Baby Bug Repellent Spray? I like the products from that company.

  8. I’m reminded of the song ‘The Children are the Future.’ 😉

  9. My grandchildren use organic/natural bug repellent.

    It isn’t greasy, isn’t nasty smelling, and it works well.

    As for the sign? I thought of golems – ‘an animated anthropomorphic being created entirely from inanimate matter’ – mostly string is what I heard. What else would children made from clothing be?

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