Don’t Be a Pill

Sayonara, sweater pills.


Alright; that’s it.  If there is any hope of me posting regularly, I am going to have to start interjecting some short posts. 

Here’s an equation that psyched me up yesterday:  Old Pilly Sweater + Baby Comb = New Sweater. 

While “Fun” Shui’ing (“Fun” Shui is the ancient chinese art of having a good time getting rid of crap you don’t need), I came across a great sweater, covered in pills. 

It failed two of my Fun Shui tests, and passed the third. 

Test #1:  Have I worn this in a year?  (No.) 

Test #2:  Would I wear this today if I needed it?  (N0.) 

Test #3:  In the face of a natural disaster, with no electricity and no communication with humanity, would I wish I had this sweater?*  (Yes.) 

So I prayed to my inner Martha Stewart for a solution. 

Then I remembered that Real Simple magazine once suggested brushing off sweater pills with a hair comb. 

I grabbed one of Punga’s (practically unused) baby combs, and brought that sweater from old to gold in a matter of minutes!  Take that, sweater pills! 

(Pointer:  I used gentle strokes at first, and in the end found it was most effective to be fairly aggressive with it.) 

All I can say is, “Thanks, Real Simple!”  And, “Sorry, Sal’s Boutique!” 

*The ancient Chinese art of Fun Shui does not recommend that you use Test #3.  Nor do I.  


Got any fun tips for me?  I want to hear them!  🙂 


4 responses to “Don’t Be a Pill

  1. Dionne Baldwin

    Your #3 is my all time favorite thing to say when someone looks at me and says, “Do you really NEED this??” I reply, “YES! In the event of a disaster with no heat or fire you all will wish I had kept – to keep us alive and warm.” No my house does not look like a hoarders episode by any means, but that is only because the entire length of our house is potential attic space. I have the entire space above the garage filled. I may have issues…

  2. Funny stuff. I am thinking I need to practice some Fun Shui. Too bad I never have had an inner Martha.

  3. Hahaha, the problem with test #2 is the definition of “need.” Whenever I go to get rid of something, i think things like “well, what if there’s an 80’s theme party soon?” or “I never wear pink but maybe this valentine’s day we’ll have a dress pink office party – even though we’ve never had one, i could see it happening.”

  4. They sell pillagers. However, I have used my BFs electric razor and once a Bic disposable razor. I hate those buggers!

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