Do Not Pass “Go.” Do Not Collect Another Stroller.


Stroller shoppers:  I can save you a lot of time, if you’ll let me.                

[Brief word of caution:  if you are not in the market for a stroller, this post may induce boredom tears.  Or stroller-envy tears.  Or both.  Allow me to distract you with a post that applies to stroller-users and non-stroller-users alike.  Maybe this one?  Or this one?]                 

Still with me?                  

I became committed to finding the perfect stroller when I realized that my hatred for my first stroller was keeping me from leaving the house in some instances.         

A bad stroller can make errands a hassle (leaving you home-bound and stir-crazy), and a good stroller can make errands a convenient excuse to get out of the house.                 

So a stroller decision is a lifestyle decision.  As with men, a good one is good to find.                  

But what makes a stroller “good”?  I ask this question because clearly most stroller designers have neglected to consider it.                 

Let’s help them, shall we?  A good stroller should be easy to maneuver in stores, and it should be suitable for casual outdoor strolls as well.  It should provide significant storage space, it should be easy to open and to collapse, and it should be light and compact but solid and sturdy.  It should be adaptable for an infant and it should accommodate bigger kids too.  Most of all (and, trust me, this is not a given), it should be safe for children.  And it should not cost $900.                 

Last Thursday, I wrote about the five strollers I purchased and then returned.                  

Today, I will tell you which stroller I officially nominate for the “best all-around” yearbook superlative.                 

[Drum roll, please.]                 

Duhn duh duh duhn…my intangible award with zero cash value goes to the BABY JOGGER CITY MICRO!               

PS:  In case you are wondering it, I am not being compensated to recommend this stroller.               

PPS:  Despite its name, this Baby Jogger is not considered a jogging stroller.                   

Here are the top 11 reasons why I flippin love this goshdarn stroller:  


(The stroller pictured is the City Mini, but it has the same fold as the City Micro.)



Easiest fold of any stroller I’ve ever driven.                  

The first time I saw a demonstration of the collapse, I fell to my knees and cried tears of joy.  (I am only partially kidding here.  I remained standing but my eyes did water with happiness.)                

The City Micro has the exact same fold as the (slightly larger) City Mini stroller, demonstrated in this video at the 2 minute and 46 seconds mark.     


Car Seat Attachment Option.        

Many people have one stroller for their infant, and then they buy a lightweight umbrella stroller (like the popular $120-$360 Maclaren models, for example) when the baby outgrows the infant seat.       

I have an idea.  Why not buy one stroller to accommodate children of varying ages and sizes?          

Some other stroller brands do provide car seat options, but they usually require that the car seat be made by the same company as the stroller.  Monopolists!  The Baby Joggers can accommodate most Graco, Chicco, Peg Perego, Evenflo, Britax and Maxi Cosi car seats.              

Three wheels for turn-on-a-dime maneuverability.                 

I dare any parent with a four-wheeled stroller to challenge me to a stroller obstacle course.  I will stroll circles around you.                 

Comfortable for baby.                  

Significant head room (26″).  Nice sun shade.  Comfortable foot rest.  Tray option available.  Easy recline.  (Many umbrella strollers do not recline.)                 


The five-point harness ensures child does not nose-dive from carriage.  My son consistently scores a 10 out of 10 for creativity in swan-dive competitions.                




The instructions advise not to hang things from the back of this stroller, and I would never suggest that you break the rules, but let’s just say that there may or may not be a Mommy Hook attached to my Micro.  (Show me an umbrella stroller that is as sturdy as this.  I dare you!)                

Compact and light.                  

See how small it is after folding?  (30″ L x 23.5″ W x 7.5″ H)  I found the Micro when I was in the market for an umbrella stroller.  Interestingly, umbrella strollers consume much more of my trunk space than the Micro does.             


The Micro currently retails for about $160 (see end of post for a $55 savings).  In a beautiful twist of irony, many of the more expensive strollers experience inferiority complex anxiety attacks whenever a Micro walks into the room.                 


I do not give a hoot about this feature, but I know a lot of people who do, so I’m listing it.  Because the Micro handle is 41.5 inches off the ground, you most likely will not A) have to bend over to push it, or B) kick the wheels.       

Lots of storage, both behind the seat and in the flexible-sided box underneath.                  

When I only need a few groceries, I use the Micro as my shopping cart.                  

Glider-board attachment option.                

I can’t attest to this because I haven’t tried it.  But how great would it be to just buy this attachment instead of purchasing a double stroller when we (hopefully) have a second child?  Let me answer that for you.  It would be really, really great.               


Before I collapse this stroller in public parking lots, I look around to see who is watching.  I want to see the tears of joy in their eyes too, because that is just the kind of person I am.  I spread joy to the world, one one-handed stroller fold at a time.                 

Stroller shoppers:  here is my advice to you.  Do not buy seven strollers, like I did.  Just by one.  And make it the Baby Jogger City Micro.       


Two additional notes: 


Kelly, a local business owner and the real “Grand Poobah of Stroller Knowledge,” [I was just kidding when I called myself that] is offering a $55 savings on a few City Micros.  Email me if you want her contact info.    

She has an online store too so you can buy from her even if you don’t live near me.             


I just learned that Baby Jogger is DISCONTINUING THE CITY MICRO, to push people towards the City Mini.  The advantages of the Mini over the Micro are:        

  1. Larger, multi-position sun canopy 
  2. 8″ front wheel as opposed to Micro’s 6″ front wheel
  3. Full recline option

The disadvantages of the Mini compared to the Micro are:       

  1. It retails for $230 as opposed to $160.
  2. It’s not as compact when folded.  (This was important to me.)
  3. 23″ of head room for baby as opposed to 26″.

So, if you think you want the City Micro, BUY IT NOW!!          


Was this helpful?                 

Which stroller do you use?  Do you love it?  Hate it?                 

Do you have any advice for new parents regarding a stroller purchase?                 


12 responses to “Do Not Pass “Go.” Do Not Collect Another Stroller.

  1. I have stroller envy tears, just like the person in the parking lot with the Aria Oh, and I don’t even have a baby!! I feel an anxious need to buy it now just for the chance that I may some day have a child. Or groceries.

  2. It’s funny you say that Erika, because I too was thinking maybe I should order one… Because what if I do have a child some day and they don’t sell this anymore!? And I assume that if I do one day have a child, I will also probably need to start grocery shopping semi-regularly.

  3. Two years ago, I never thought I would look at another person’s stroller and think “I totally want that stroller” or “I need to have that stroller”. Now that I have my daughter, I see things very differently! I definitely had stroller envy when I first saw your Baby Jogger City Micro 😉 I thought I knew all I needed to know when registering for a stroller, and I thought the travel system was the way to go. Boy was I mistaken! I was naive and did not think that bucket seats could attach to anything but the stroller they came with…wrong! Don’t get me wrong, I like my travel system…but I really love my Baby Jogger City Micro! All I have to say is, you saved me a lot of time when looking for a new stroller…Thank you Momma Goose! So glad to have your enthusiasm when researching baby items as well as your words of wisdom on what works and what doesn’t!

    • You are too sweet, Meghan!! I’ve been so lucky to have YOUR enthusiasm and words of wisdom too! What would I have done without the “puffs vs. chokios” comparison?? The risotto? I’d have been lost. 🙂

      Now that we are familiar with stroller envy, let’s get ready for…are you ready for this?…minivan envy!!! Hahaha–I slap myself in the face whenever I catch myself eyeing one!!

  4. Sadly, I have 3 strollers for my little man. Why? Because I have 3 personalities. I have the Snap N go (which I love and I wrote that on your previous post) but we will have to part ways in a few months as he will outgrow his infant car seat.
    My second stroller is the BOB…which I love as well. Yes, its big and bulky and takes up all of my trunk space but I am an avid runner. It is a dream to push on runs.
    Then, I have a Maclaren which I have not used yet so I cannot comment.
    I wish I could consolidate my strollers….but I don’t think I ever will!

  5. Lee Ann Caldwell

    You might cry tears of joy when you give them away, too! We had the big (new baby) stroller, the fold up ($$$) stroller…granted this was in the day when they first made quality collapsable ones…the front & back double AND the double jogger. You should have seen me walking down the street with the girls in the double jogger, Jared in the backpack & 3 big dogs walking down the street. One guy craned his head watching me & almost hit a parked car! Yes, when we got rid of the last diaper bag, stroller & high chair, it was emotional, yet healing. 🙂

  6. Lee Ann Caldwell

    Whoops – didn’t mean to write “walking down the street” twice. Haven’t had my tea yet!

  7. Haha–didn’t even notice! 🙂

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