Until Saturday, only my husband, my sister, and Swistle knew I had a blog.  I wanted to share it with all of my friends and family, but I was apprehensive.  I felt so…exposed.  So naked in front of the crowd. 

Naked in front of the crowd lyrics

But Saturday, I woke up with a twinkle in my toe and a pep in my step.  So I thought to myself, “Self, why not do something irreversible?”

That’s when I decided to tell my 431 closest facebook friends about MommaGooseNotes.

Good thing for impulse decisions.  I’m so thankful for the outpouring of enthusiasm, comments, and questions by gentle readers.  (And by “comments,” I mostly mean, “silent, enthusiastic fist pumps as demonstrated by 1037 clicks.”)

My friends’ questions remind me that, just recently, I didn’t even know what the Goodness Gracious a “blog” was. 

So today I’d like to give you a little 4-1-1, as they say, about blog reading.  

Let’s begin.

Q:   Inquisitive reader Karma Geddon writes, “What’s the difference b/w “subscribe to my feed” and “sign up for momma goose emails”?  If there are two things, I want to make sure I’ve got both!!”

(In case you were wondering it, yes, that does smell like the unconditional enthusiasm of a close family member.)

Hello Karma,

[Editor’s Note:  I have removed the paragraph containing plays on the word “karma,” as it left several people saying, “you lost me at ‘hello.'”]

Thanks for writing.  First I’ll address the “Email me, Momma G!” button.  If you click this, you will get an email every time I post (provided that your spam filter trusts no-reply@wordpress.com.)  This saves you time, because I come to your inbox, instead of you needing to check my site to see whether I have updated it.

Email me, Momma G Button

The other benefit to being on my mailing list is that I have a silly habit of posting and then quickly going back to delete or change the post.  If you are on my email list, you will see my posts before I say, “OMG what the heck–that’s not what I meant to say!” 

For example, I recently wrote a post called “What Lurks Beneath,” where I analyzed the venom behind my “Want to See My Eyes Shoot Flaming Darts of Fire” post.  The goal here was to keep people from thinking I am crazy. 

But then, with the help of my darling sister, I decided it’s healthier to be unapologetic about my idiosyncrasies.  If I must be a martyr in my quest to get people to wash their flippin hands before they touch an infant, I shall fall on that sword.  [Should you choose to call me crazy, I’d just ask that you sing it, Gnarls-Barkley-style, since that will force you to also say, “…just like me.”]

To dive head-first into this digression, here’s another example of something I wrote and then deleted (this one is from my “About This Blog” page): 

 It's my disclaimer, bitches.

And here’s my conversation I had with my Mom, when she read that:

Mom:  What do you mean when you say, [insert computer voice here] “it’s my disclaimer, bitches”?

Me:  Oh, Mom, “bitches” doesn’t always have a negative connotation anymore.  It’s slang, popularized by Britney Spears, when she began her what-was-supposed-to-be-a-comeback-but turned-out-to-be-a-face-flop-performance with, “It’s Britney, Bitch.”

Mom:  Hmm.  Do you really want to limit yourself to a female reading audience, though?  I think Dads would find your blog helpful, too.

Me:  Would it be better if I said, “It’s my disclaimer, bitches and a**holes”? 

Mom:  No.

PAGING ALL READERS:  I am getting back to the original question now.

Now that we have a better understanding of the “Email Me, Momma G” button, let’s discuss RSS Feeds.

It would probably be helpful to think of RSS (which actually stands for Rich Site Summary) as meaning “Read So Swiftly.”  RSS feeds allow you to quickly click through your favorite bloggers and view their ten (or so) recent posts.  This saves you the hassle of navigating to each individual blog when you want to catch up on your reading.

For example, here are my RSS feeds:

My feeds

(These are the four bloggers I follow regularly:  1) Myself, 2) Penelope Trunk: entertaining and enlightening career advisor whose writing inspired me to blog, 3)  Swistle: talented blogger and SuperMom of Five (including one set of twins), 4) Tulips: etsylover, philanthropist, and friend-of-my-sister-so-therefore-a-friend of mine.)  You can see from the image above that Tulips’ blog title is bold, which means that she has a new post I haven’t yet read.

Now, here is what I see when I click on my own feed:  (Note my deleted “What Lurks” post, which, ironically, is lurking.)

So, yes, Karma, in my professional and unbiased opinion, I would recommend that you both sign up for emails and also subscribe to my RSS Feed.  

Here’s how to subscribe:  First, click “subscribe to my (free!) RSS feed.”

Subscribe to my free feed link

Then click “View Feed XML”:

Then click “subscribe to this feed”:

Then name the feed.  (I chose “Momma Goose Notes.”  You can use “Love this goshdarn blog” or whatever else feels appropriate.)

Then make sure to check back frequently! 



Was this helpful?  Is there anything else I can do to make it easier to navigate and understand my blog? 

If you are more familiar with the blogging world than I am, have I left anything out?


5 responses to “R-S-S-Please-Some-One-Help-Me

  1. Fancy Pants explaining RSS Feeds? I am literally tearing up with joy at my desk.

  2. I love the part where you wake up and decide it’s a good day to do something irreversible!

    I’m still safe from most of my circle reading my blog, because most of them still ask things like, “Is ‘blogging’ like ‘tweeting’?” and “What is blogging…FOR?”

  3. Momma Goose – I LOVE the blog! You are such a witty and inspirational writer. I particularly love your focus on positivity and look forward to reading your posts! My husband and I (or rather, maybe just he since I have yet to contribute) recently started a job to share our experiences living in Switzerland (we’re moving there in August for a few years). It’s such a great way to share news and new ideas. Congrats to you!

  4. I’m your newest subscriber! Love the look and feel of the blog… can’t wait to dig into your posts! 🙂

  5. You are very brave. My kids, sister, and husband know about my blog. Oh, Swistle does too! No way am I near ready to share!

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