Aint No Party Like a Baster Bulb Party

Got toys?

I removed the plastic bulb from the end of my turkey baster and gave it to my son.

Disinterested in his store-bought baby toys, Punga is frequently seen crawling around our kitchen, baster bulb in hand. 

Occasionally he interrupts his crawling to sit on his bum, dance, wave the spit-covered bulb in the air, and yell, “DAH! DAH dah. Dah, DAH! DAH DAH!”

This–of course–is baby talk for “aint no party like a baster-bulb party ‘cuz a baster-bulb party don’t stop!” 

The thing about expensive toys is that they’re expensive.  The other thing about expensive toys is that the attention span of the typical baby is approximately 12.5 minutes. 

Thanks to the helpful chart below, we now have a visual understanding of the inverse relationship between cost of baby toys and the amount of baby entertainment.

(Graph from


So here are seven “toys” that I have found laying around my house.  Try them with your baby, and please share with me any tricks of your own!

1.  Box of Socks

I keep my socks in a box.  Do you know how exciting it is to take the socks out of the box, and then put them back into the box?  Punga does.

2.  Belt

There’s nothing like a good piece of rawhide for Baby’s developing teeth.  Just make sure there are no small pieces that can fall off the belt, and keep an eye on baby so that he doesn’t wrap this around his neck or something

3.  Empty toilet paper tube

Hand your 11-month-old an empty toilet paper tube, and he or she will ask you, “Is today Christmas?”  When I find any cardboard laying around, I stick it in Punga’s toy box. 

4.  Turkey Baster Bulb

Turkey Baster Facebook Gift

The turkey baster bulb is the gift that keeps on giving.  This is just one more reason why I am thankful for Thanksgiving:  it is the birthday of turkey basters.

5.  A Napkin

You’re going to want to be in the room for this one too, so that your baby doesn’t eat all the pieces she tears off the napkin.  But the ole napkin trick bought me fifteen minutes the other day so that I could read Real Simple’s Time-Saving Anniversary Edition.

(Side note:  I was shocked and appalled that Real Simple did not feature my powder shower in their “Quick Tips” section.  Oh, right–it’s still just my sister reading this blog.)

6.  Tupperware Cabinet

I hesitated to add this last one for fear of being predictable, but what baby would not want to turn your sandwich stacker into a drum?

7. and a Silk Scarf

I love the “Disney” station on Pandora.  And Punga enjoys waving a scarf around while dancing, just like we do in music class.


I can’t wait to hear what you use for ad-hoc baby toys! 

I could use some fresh ideas!



8 responses to “Aint No Party Like a Baster Bulb Party

  1. Jessica Clifford

    Too funny and so true!

  2. I laughed my bum off to this one, you’re HILARIOUS!

  3. I LOVE IT! HILARIOUS! (and who knew about the turkey baster? i didn’t!)

  4. ps- LOVIN the disney radio! 😉

  5. LOVE this one! Desired toy of the day in our house today: box of cd sleeves 🙂

  6. Cute post 🙂 We love spices (caps on VERY tight)… each makes it’s own noise when shaken, it’s a family favorite.

  7. Amy Zucker Morgenstern

    Just about everything in the kitchen that can’t break or electrocute the child is fun to play with in the bath. I can’t believe we haven’t given our daughter the turkey baster yet! Will do as soon as we’re back in our own home. With bulb: she’s three and will love the squeeze-suck-release action.

    We spend a lot of time in the kitchen, and the Tupperware cabinet, a couple of wooden spoons, and enough water and flour to make a mess but not actually flood the place have kept her busy and us sane for many hours of dinner preparation.

  8. Dionne Baldwin

    LOVE this and once again you are right. When my daughter was about a year old, a friend said she wanted to have her over and let her bang on pots and pans. Of course I looked at her with a uzzled expression…but when we got home I got out the pots and pans and put out some wooden and large plastic spoons. Whaddaya know she started banging on them within sixty seconds. It didn’t take her long to figure that one out. Yes, it was a bit noisy but I was able to tune that part out for awhile as I watched her reactions to different sounds and the different things in front of her. Simple is best. 🙂

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