This Breakfast is Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Bananas dusted with cheerios
I read somewhere that all babies like bananas.

That’s a lie.

The first time I fed bananas to my six-month old, he did a head-to-toe body shiver, a soccer kick, and for the grand finale, he vomited his entire bottle.

So I believed him.  About not liking bananas.

Then I took a baby-food-making class at a local parenting shop.  Kelly, the store owner and resident expert in all things baby, recommended dusting bananas, avocados or tofu with rice cereal (to make them easier to grasp), or with crushed Cheerios, graham crackers, or flax seed (for flavor.)

So I smashed some Cheerios, sprinkled them over chopped banana, and VOILA!  My Babe eats bananas.

Try it at home!

Here’s Kelly’s recipe, with my time-saving adaptation:

Ingredients:  Choose one from each column.

Base “Dust”
Banana Cheerios
Avocado Graham Cracker
Firm Tofu Finely ground flax seed*



  1. Put Cheerios, or graham crackers, or finely ground flax seed in a plastic baggie.
  2. Smash Cheerios or graham crackers with a rolling pin, or the handle-end of an ice cream scoop, or whatever smashing device you may have available.
  3. Put bananas or avocado or firm tofu on a plate.  Sprinkle with baggie contents until lightly dusted
  4. Store baggie with remaining “dust” for later.  You’ll want to do this again soon.

*Introduce this recipe around 8-10 months of age.  If using flax seed, wait until 12 months.  I don’t know why that is.  I’m just repeating what I see in front of me.

For those of you in my area, I highly recommend you jump in on one of Kelly’s classes.

Lessons for the Diaper Bag (LFTDB):

  • For babies still working on the “pincer grasp,” it’s easier for them to pick up slimy foods if the foods are “dusted.”
  • Just because a baby seems to hate something the first time you give it to him, it doesn’t mean he actually hates it.
  • Punga likes bananas.  As long as they’re not smushed.


Do you have any great finger-food recipes to share? 

I’d love to hear about them!


2 responses to “This Breakfast is Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

  1. Perhaps _I_ will like bananas if I dust them! I identify more with the body shiver and vomiting.

    (P.S. It has been super fun seeing comments on old posts. I’m like, “Oh YEAH, I remember that post!!”)

  2. Punga’s little fingers picking up the bananas???!!! So cute!!!

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