Things You Won’t See on my Blog. Also: Things You May See.

Momma Goose cartoon

For my first post ever, allow me to provide a bit of background information about Momma Goose Notes…

Things you won’t see on my blog:  (Move along, little doggies.)

 1.  Pointless drivel about my day.

I can’t promise you won’t see drivel.  But I can promise to always have a point when I write.

2.  Tales of perfection from a self-declared expert.

I’ve read some blogs by downright amazing women who make me want to gag myself with a spoon.  (Don’t take that the wrong way.)  Some days I do feel like I’m batting a thousand.  But I will never pretend to have it all together all the time.  Because I most certainly do not. 

3.  Gratuitous negativity.

Occasionally, I will vent.  But I will never speak badly about a named individual, no matter how poorly they may treat me.   For the most part, I’ll keep things positive.  Negativity is too easy.  Positivity requires courage, strength, intellect.   That’s the road I’d prefer to drive.

4.  Dishonest product reviews so that I can make a buck.

Clearly, this blog is on the cusp of explosion into prodigious fame, readership, and financial glory.  (See:  The Secret.)  When companies start begging me to review their products, I will oblige, but I will always be very clear with my readers when my reviews are sponsored.  Dishonesty would be counterintuitive, since my intention is to help others “buy it right the first time.” 

5.  Every lesson I’ve learned as  a parent

I am a bottom-up thinker.   (As my sister explains it, “Bottom-up people boil the ocean to get to a fish.”)  As a helplessly thorough individual, I am inclined to think this blog is incomplete unless I include everything I’ve learned since I got pregnant in August, 2008.  Good thing Problogger says gaps are good

6.  Me putting my blog before my family.

My main goal in blogging is to make me a better Mom and a better wife.  If writing becomes too much of a time commitment, I will make changes.  Punga and Moose will always come first.  That brings me to three more things you won’t see on my blog…

7.  Written responses to every comment,

8.  Commitments to regular posts, or

9.  Apologies when I don’t post.

Things you will see on my blog:  (Get it while it’s hot…)

All posts will fall under the general category of either:

1.   Helpful things I’ve figured out along my motherhood journey


2.   Subjects that deserve exploration (where I’m learning as I write.)

You’ll see:

  • Some helpful posts
  • Some un-helpful posts (I will get an itchy sweat when I realize this in retrospect)
  • Some quick tips
  • Some lengthy reflections
  • Some subjects that are applicable to all new parents (ex:  How to Simplify Daily Diaper Bag Packing)
  • Some subjects that are more personal to me, but that I hope will inspire reflection in you.  (Ex:  “Am I oblivious?”)

So come along , my friends!  This is sure to be an adventure you won’t want to miss.

Or maybe you will want to miss it.  I guess that remains to be seen.

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